Born in 1992, in New York City, Kayla Sweet-Newhouse draws her inspiration from earlier lives as an expert horse trainer, animal biologist, world traveler, journalist, photographer, videographer. She lives and works in Venice California.


Statement of current work:

My work is an expression of my deep curiosity and love of the natural world. The intuitive method of my work invites a non-symmetrical balance of imperfections and individualism, much like the evolutionary process of natural selection. Each creature (work) is unique and survives in its own way. I want my work to reflect the vitality, joy, fragility, defiant spirit and determination necessary to thrive.


The clay and I are equal in creation, but I am cavalier with my treatment of it. I take liberties. I create unpredictable outcomes by enforcing difficult combinations, and/or structural impossibilities. The harsh or demanding conditions I impose on the clay force it to act out its natural tendencies and persevere in any way it can. My desire is that the result creates a Keshiki born of tension and determination with a defiant spirit of joy and delicacy for having thrived despite daunting odds.

In addition to mirroring the natural order of the world, I believe these Keshiki can also be specific metaphors for elements in our psyche and culture. 

One example of this could be found by using multiple types of clay to make a story when they interact. For instance, because porcelain has a homogeneous particle size, the clay is more rigid during the drying and firing process than a dark clay body. When these two clays meet, the dark clay which is more flexible, due to its multiple particle sizes, bends and morphs while the porcelain, being rigid, is forced to give way. That release of tension and pressure shows up as brutal yet beautiful cracks.  In my work, this is a metaphor for the meeting of two cultures or two individual people. In order for the different attributes of each entity to mesh, there must be a degree of flexibility, otherwise, one side will break under the pressure.

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